Gale Harold (Andrew) GALE HAROLD (Andrew)
Film: Fertile Ground (2010), Passenger Side (2009), Father and Sons, The Unseen, Rhinoceros Eyes, Particles of Truth, Life on the Ledge, Wake
TV: Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, Vanished, Deadwood, Queer As Folk, The Unit, Law & Order: SVU
Theater: Orpheus steigt herab, Plötzlich letzten Sommer
Fay Ann Lee (Grace) FAY ANN LEE (Grace)
Film: Good Manners (2010), Falling for Grace
TV: Law & Order, All My Children, One Life To Live, The Dana Carvey Show, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Third Watch
Theater: Miss Saigon (Broadway), Into The Woods (International), Joy Luck Club (New York Premiere)
Ken Leung (Ming) KEN LEUNG (Ming)
Film: Works of Art (2010), X-Men 3, Inside Man, The Squid & The Whale, Sucker Free City, Rush Hour, Keeping The Faith, Saw, The Shanghai Kid, Face
TV: Lost, The Sopranos
Margaret Cho (Janie) MARGARET CHO (Janie)
Film: Wedding Palace (2010), 17 Again, Shifting the Canvas, One missed Call, The One That I Want, Notorious C.H.O., Revolution, State of Emergency, Bam Bam and Celeste
TV: Drop Dead Diva, Ghost Whisperer, Two Sisters, All-American Girl
Margaret ist gerade mit ihrer One-Woman Show "The Sensuous Woman" auf Tour.
Roger Rees (Andrew Sr.) ROGER REES (Andrew Sr.)
Film: The Narrows, The Invasion, The New World, The Pink Panther, Frida, Return to Neverland, The Palace Thief, The Emperor’s Club, The Substance of Fire, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Next Stop Wonderland
TV: Warehouse 13, Grey's Anatomy, The West Wing, Boston Common, Cheers
Christine Baranski (Bree) CHRISTINE BARANSKI (Bree)
Film: The Bounty Hunter (2010), Mamma Mia, Bonneville, Relative Strangers, Chicago, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Bowfinger, Bulworth, Reversal of Fortune, Welcome To Mooseport, Legal Eagles, The Guru, 9 1/2 Weeks, Cruel Intentions
TV: The Good Wife, The Big Bang Theory, Psych, Ugly Betty, Cybill
Clem Cheung (Ba) CLEM CHEUNG (Ba)
Film: Silent Reminders (2009), The Good Guy, Entre nos, Fighting, Off Jackson Avenue, Michael Clayton, Never forever, A Crime, A Beautiful Mind, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, A Crime
TV: Ni Hao Kai-lan, The Unusuals, One Life to Live, Law & Order: SVU, Hope and Faith, Whoopi, Third Watch
Elizabeth Sung (Ma) ELIZABETH SUNG (Ma)
Film: House Under Siege (2010), The People I've Slept With, Under the Knife, Ping Pong Playa, The Joy Luck Club, Memoirs of a Geisha
TV: FlashForward, The Young and the Restless, Desperate Housewives, Crossing Jordan, House, E-Ring, Studio 60 on Sunset Strip, The Sopranos
Ato Essandoh (Jamal) ATO ESSANDOH (Jamal)
Film: Camp Hope (2010), Nights in Rodanthe, The Blood Diamond, Bloodmask, Brother’s Shadow, Prime, Hitch, Saving Face, Garden State, Roger Dodger
TV: Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Make My Day, Royal Pains, Conviction, Commander-In-Chief, Line of Fire, Law & Order, Chappelle’s Show, Third Watch
Theater: Streamers
Lewis Black (Talk Show Host) LEWIS BLACK (Talk Show Host)
Film: Silent Partner, Dark as Day (2010), Accepted, Unaccompanied Minors, Face of the Penguins, Man of the Year, The Aristocrats, Jacob’s Ladder, Hannah and Her Sisters
TV: The Big Bang Theory, Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law, Lewis Black: Red, White and Screwed, Black on Broadway, Taxed Beyond Belief, Law & Order, Homocide, Unit, The Daily Show
Lewis wurde als Komiker 2006 mit einem Grammy ausgezeichnet.
Stephanie March (Kay) STEPHANIE MARCH (Kay)
Film: The Invention of Lying (2009), The Treatment, Flannel Pajamas, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Head of State
TV: Rescue Me, Grey's Anatomy, Law & Order: SVU, 30 Rock, Conviction, Jesse Stone, Death of a Salesman, Early Edition


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