Media Coverage of "Falling For Grace", the movie formerly known as "East Broadway"
Falling for Grace
by Scott Hoffman

"A very sweet and original romantic comedy. Falling for Grace is the next My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

If Fay Ann Lee becomes well heard of enough, she could become the Chinese Julia Roberts. She has a lot of charm and does slap-stick very well. But that's not all. She also wrote and directed the movie on top of starring in it. Pretty impressive.

The film also has a wonderful supporting cast including Margaret Cho as Grace's best friend who falls for a co-worker after he takes her to see Mamma Mia on Broadway. The scene is hysterical."

Tribeca Films Up Close
by Sara Brady

"Lee brings a fresh twist to the tired structure [of romantic comedies] by setting her story predominantly in New York's Chinatown among minimum-wage immigrants and their Americanized children. It's not particularly difficult to see where the story's going, but knowing what comes next makes up much of the reliable satisfaction of a romantic comedy.

... about Gale Harold: ... Lee "certainly has a formidable romantic foil in Harold, who has charm to spare ... Clem Cheung, Elizabeth Sung and Ken Leung all turn in sensitive and involving performances as Grace's parents and brother."

Graceland - If you’re a sucker for romantic comedies, "Falling For Grace" is a perfect fit.
by Tim Plant

"Falling For Grace is definitely worth checking out. It’s the cotton candy of summer movies. Parts of Falling For Grace are comedic magic ... other small moments shine brightly and stitch together to make a cinematic tapestry of romance and laughter. For fans of romantic comedies, Falling For Grace is worth the tumble."

Tribeca By The Numbers
by Logan Hill

"26. That's the number of wildly uneven films by New York filmmakers in the 'New York, New York' competition. Tread carefully and start with these 2 - Falling for Grace (a.k.a. East Broadway) stars writer-director Fay Ann Lee as a city girl romping through a sprightly Chinatown romantic comedy with Gale Harold and Margaret Cho ..."

Falling for Grace: Clever Rom-Com Debut Flirts with Commercial World
by S. T. Vanairsdale

"Amid Tribeca 2006's narrative features, Fay Ann Lee's Falling for Grace stands out as both a legitimately funny romantic comedy and a dynamic glimpse of ethnic and class stratification in New York City. And although she may be the first filmmaker to run a sweatshop indictment through the prism of a Cinderella story, writer/director/star Lee tweaks rom-com conventions with an assuredness that belies her status as a first-time filmmaker."

"... winning performances from Lee, Ken Leung and a scene-stealing Margaret Cho ..."

Tribeca Film Festival Special
by Chris Ciompi

"Margaret Cho is hilarious as the best friend and Gale Harold looks amazing as Ms. Lee's love interest who's modeled after JFK, Jr. Solid acting and writing make for a feel-good 100 minutes. Grade: A-"

Audience Falls For Unique Vision of American Dream
by Chuck Jaffee

"I recommend "Falling For Grace" for two reasons: the American dream and audience reaction to the film. If you like the American dream - both on the screen and off - laying down your movie dollar to see "Falling For Grace" is a fun way to try to help Fay Ann Lee succeed and to root for the success of the character she plays.

The bigger reason for recommending the film is audience reaction. You could tell from audience members’ questions and reactions to Ms. Lee’s personable and responsive answers that they liked the film. Audience members found it refreshing to have a film they would want to see with their 14-year-old daughter."


by Terry Brejla

"Every once in a while, a film quietly opens and people who see it slowly but surely tell others who go see it and help spread the word. Remember the film, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"? That’s the kind of movie I’m talking about.

A wonderful little romantic comedy, "Falling For Grace" has been playing on a few select screens ... Everyone who sees it loves it ... The film is from triple threat actor/director/screenwriter, Fay Ann Lee. She’s going to be a major presence in the world of independent film.

The production values of the film are high. It is shot beautifully and edited well. It is skillfully directed making it hard to believe this is Lee’s first film at the helm. I can hardly wait to see what she does next."

Bites At The Apple
by Gregg Goldstein

"As the Tribeca Film Festival celebrates it fifth anniversary, organizers are looking to present even more works that reflect New York's diverse culture. Following are four notable films from various sections of this year's festival: Falling for Grace. In Charge: First-time writer/producer/director/star, Fay Ann Lee ..."


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