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1. How would you rate "Haunting Villisca"?

 Excellent  Very good   Good  Fair   Poor

2. Would you recommend "Haunting Villisca" to your friends?

 Yes, definitely.
 Yes, probably.
 No, probably not.
 No, definitely not.

3. If you answered "Yes, definitely." or "Yes, probably" at the last question, WHERE and WHEN would you recommend your friends to see "Haunting Villisca"?

 At the movie theater as soon as it opens.
 At the movie theatre sometime.
 Rent the DVD when available.
 On PayTV (anywhere you have to pay separately to be able to see a movie)
 On FreeTV (anywhere you do not have to pay separately to be able to see a movie)

4. What did you like best about "Haunting Villisca"? Also state single scenes.

5. Is there anything you did not like at all about "Haunting Villisca"?

6. If you had to summarize "Haunting Villisca" in just a few words, how would you describe it?

7. Does the movie remind you of any other movies? If yes, which one(s)?

8. Who was your favorite character in the movie?

9. How much did you like James Serpento (David Salt) in "Haunting Villisca"?

 a lot  a little   not much  not at all 

10. How much did you like Kerry Skram (Iola Salt) in "Haunting Villisca"?

 a lot  a little   not much  not at all 

11. How much did you like Chelsea Long (Riley Bach) in "Haunting Villisca"?

 a lot  a little   not much  not at all 

12. If you were to see "Haunting Villisca" again, who would you take with you?

13. Which of the following attributes would you use to describe the movie?

simplepredictablea has beenboring
too Americanemotionalover the topsurprising

  To conclude this survey we would like to ask you a few statistical questions:

14. How often do you go to the movie theater, on average?

15. Gender:

16. Age:

17. Now that you have seen “Haunting Villisca”, how likely will you buy it on DVD?

 quite likely
 quite unlikely

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